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Tips on how not to forget or to remember your homework to avoid being scolded by the teacher and be humiliated.

There would be a time when the teacher asked for your homework and you will respond with "I forgot my homework", "My dog ate my homework" and other nonsensical excuses that will make your classmates laugh and your teacher angrier and frustrated.

Almost everyone around the world when they are a student has forgotten their homework once with reasons like partying hard on the weekends or just plainly forgotten because of the stresses of student life.

These are some tips on how to remember your homework.

Tip1 assign one notebook where you can record your homeworks

If you have more than 1 class in a day which in my case I have 7 classes to attend to excluding lab classes means that there would always be a chance that all of the classes will give you a homework especially if its on the weekends. What I advice is to use a seperate notebook where you can list all the homework you must do, what is their deadlines and other information needed for you to finish your homework.

Teachers or professors sometimes will give you a long term homework on top of your regular homework. If you don't use a notebook to write all the necessary homework you need to do, then it is highly possible that you may forget to do some homework.

Tip2 use the memo app on your smartphone

IF you only use your smartphone like the Iphone or an android enabled device to just talk, text, listen to music and play games, you can also use your smartphone to make a memo of your homework. This is one of the best reason to bring your smartphone to school and not just to play games or annoy the teacher.

Tip3 use your ebook reader/tablet to record your homeworks.

Most tablets have a standard notes application just like the notepad program on windows. Tablets are not just for entertainment but it can also be used for educational reasons too.

Tip4 do your homework as early as possible.

If you do your homework as early as possible, then you can forget your homework because you have already done it! Doing your homework friday night means that you will have 2 days of full enjoyment than having to be stressed because of lacking time to do your homework when you do your homework on sundays.

Doing homework is one of the essential things to do when you are a student so you will get good grades so forgetting your homework means flunking or failing a course or a subject.

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