Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smartphone Tips & Tricks

Smartphones have only been around for less than two decades. IBM released the first smartphone in 1993; it was called "Simon." Simon had several functions aside from sending and receiving calls; it was also a PDA (personal digital assistant) and a fax machine. With the rising popularity of mobile devices during the new millennium, companies began producing all kinds of cellular phones to cater to every consumer's needs. Today, as of 2010, smartphones not only are able to run applications, but they can also access the Internet, take photos and record videos.

Better Web Browsing

    Smartphones are designed to be small enough so you can carry them in your pocket wherever you go. As mobile devices evolve, one of its main issues is Web browsing. Because of the small screen, Web browsing through a smartphone is more difficult than using a personal computer. There are software applications that you can download to ease this problem; you can try Google Mobile or Opera Mini because these companies have designed browsers specifically for smartphones. The Google Voice search is also an effective way to browse the Web since you don't have to type anything on your device. You can also edit the settings of your local phone browser. For BlackBerry devices, you can set your browser's column settings to make websites more viewable and enable the Java script for faster loading.

Cheaper Phone Calls and Messaging

    Depending on your device, installing mobile versions of applications, such as Skype or Google Talk and many other social media software, can result in cheaper calls and messaging. The only cost you incur by using these apps is your Internet subscription for your mobile device. You can download apps, such as Nimbuzz, to get this kind of functionality. So if a minute of a phone call costs more than a minute of Internet connection on your smartphone, getting these apps is a smart way to lower your bill.

Faster Performance

    Just like your personal computer, your smartphone's performance is also related to its contents and settings. A new smartphone usually comes with pre-installed apps that sometimes you really don't need; they're called "bloatware." Deleting or uninstalling such programs will greatly help to increase your smartphone's performance, especially if these programs run in the background. It is also wise to remember that your smartphone is just like a personal computer, and installing and uninstalling programs is a must in order to keep it running at peak performance.

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